Happy Pills, Happy Thoughts, and a Happy Life

Hi there!

Lately I have been trying to be more positive and happy and see things in a lighter side. Well, there are lots that has happened in my life that me and my family should celebrate. First, my sister graduated from elementary top of her class and garnered both academic and non-academic awards (sorry to brag but I am one proud sister). My youngest sister also was on top of her Grade 5 class.

Second, my mom just graduated college! Yehey! That was a real milestone for her. She started attending college again, after she stopped on her 2nd year before, Β at the age of 40 and now she’s a certified college graduate and has a diploma to parade with.

She wasn’t able to finish college back then but she figured out that having a diploma is IMPORTANT. I’m happy and really proud of what she has accomplished.

And lastly, Glenn just passed his Comprehensive Exam this morning!

Good job everyone!
Okay. So this post has a lot of (!) but I can’t help it. I’m very grateful for all of the achievements of my loved ones may it be pea-size small or big.
What are the things that’s making you grateful and happy? Share them with me and let’s be happy and grateful for life together! 😁


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