Friday’s 10 Happy Things | Vol. 3


I have been busy and MIA. Laziness just got the best of me and exhaustion from work. So enough with the excuses. Here’s my list:

1. Waking up on a Monday with Glenn beside. That always put me in a good mood early in the morning though I hate waking up early because to be honest,  I am seriously not a morning person. 

2. Wintermelon Milk Tea with Egg Pudding is a must-have with this heat! 

3. Honeydew Melon. It’s my favorite fruit. It’s sweeter than Melons. A girl with a sweet tooth gotta look for some healthy alternative. 

4. Population Genetics. It was always a dream of mine to continue graduate studies but I still have no clue what to major in. Glenn and I were just checking in on each other while he was in Lake Sebu last week. He was telling me how abundant Dipterocarp species was in the place. His thesis is about DNA Barcoding of the Dipterocarps in the Philippines. I then told him it would be an interesting study to find out if there would be any difference in the characteristics of one species from one region from the others and Glenn told me that it would be focusing on the topic  Population Genetics. I was so happy that I finally thought of what I want to research when I pursue my masters degree.

5. Iskra Lawrence.

She’s my body inspiration right now. I was always insecure of my big butt and wide hips and not-proportion-to-my-waist arms. But seeing her instagram feed (@iamiskra) made me see myself in a different angle. I was blinded by today’s self-imaging that I haven’t had the time to really look at myself and appreciate my ASSets. Pun intended.

6. Ate Ying’s body spray from Bath&Body Works’ Dragon Fruit. Fruity but not over the edge sweetness that is perfect this summer. 

7. My little site office which is über cute! 


8. Grocery shopping with Glenn earlier. When I saw him looking at the different displays with a pushcart in front of him, it made me excited to the day we get to buy our groceries for our home. 😍

9. Ritter Sport Whole Hazelnut. 

10. Twinning with Xy. She was in Davao since Monday when I texted her how hard it is to find a place to eat especially alone and she replied saying that she was at SM and was having the same dilemma so we decided to eat in the same resto so we could still feel we’re not alone. Great idea, Beb! 😘


What’s your list? Share them with me and let’s spread happiness and positive vibes and beat the heat with our mega-watt smiles! 😁


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