Update| Vol. 1


I have been MIA for 2 months. Do I have a reasonable and acceptable excuse? Well, aside from not owning a personal computer, I just don’t have that extra energy to post something in this blog. I just want to share the things I have been doing aside from work and the people that’s keeping me here in the company.

First, I have been eating a LOT!

That’s not new. What’s awesome about it is that I get to try new flavors. I’m used to eating out while I was still in college but I usually go to more affordable fast food chains. It all started one Saturday afternoon when Xy and I decided to go to Tus’ in Alabang because she saw that they were having a Buy One Get One 50% Off for their Chocolate Milkshake on their Facebook Page. You only need to take a screen cap of the said promo and present it to one of their staff. When we rode the public transpo, we were determined to only order the milkshake. But when we arrived at the place, we decided to give their food a try. We ordered their best-seller BLT Calzone and two chocolate milkshakes. It says on the Menu that it was good for 1-2 persons and was surprised to see that it was actually good for 2-3 persons. It was big and very filling.

BLT Calzone and Chocolate Milkshake of Tus'
BLT Calzone and Chocolate Milkshake of Tus’

We had fun chatting the afternoon away and made our tummies very happy so we decided to do this again some other time. It was the beginning of our food trips.

Since I was relocated here in Las Piñas, let’s just say that BF Parañaque is just a ride or two which is known to be “Maginhawa of the South”. I don’t know if this is even a term or who coined it, but I’m going to borrow it. If you are familiar with Maginhawa Street in QC, well, Aguirre St. in BF Homes Parañaque is like that. Restos are abundant.

The first place that we tried was Carpe Diem. They have a variety of coffee and non-coffee based drinks, pasta, rice meals, sandwiches, etc.

Sam and I tried their best seller Spicy Seafood Teriyaki Rice while Xy ordered the Peri Peri Prawn.

Spicy Seafood Teriyaki Rice (above) and Peri Peri Prawn (below)

I also ordered their Caramel Sandstorm. See the pic below, the one that looks like a potted plant, that was my drink. Pretty cool right? When we were browsing Zomato, we saw the pic and got really curious. Sam and Xy ordered different drinks but they look all the same from the top view. The “soil” in my drink is crushed cookies and the “seedling” is actually mint. We also ordered their Cloudy Day or their homemade cotton candy.


The white fluffy-looking ball beside Sam’s head is Carpe Diem’s Cloudy Day.

It was here in LP where I had my first ever Starbucks experience. I know, I’m “purita”, I ordered the Iced Chai Latte. Maybe not the most popular drink to try on my first time, but It was okay. Taste like soap. HAHA.IMG_64701426107449 IMG_73662429833510

Second, I met one of my closest and clingiest friend ever Xyren! I never had a friend like her even though I have my own set of barkada from high school. We were not this close when we first got together but then some of our friends here in the office decided to change their working environment that we had the chance to know each other well.



This chick right here is the cheekiest haha, pun intended. We do movie dates together, food trips together, and sometimes we go to work accidentally twinning. I swear, we do not tell each other what to wear and then we end up twinning and it’s crazy!

2 1 image-fd445c3ceafa7bb5b86e0113e2c40106241c3db3da081779ef46a04192d9742e-V image-c6f1fc14ebd6e51994c453626eaad3779211ac87bb44271c2ef1fd812a04cdc2-V IMG_20151021_193857 IMG_20151021_193901 IMG_20151021_193927 IMG_20151021_193959 IMG_20151021_194010 IMG_20151021_194028 IMG_20151021_194109 IMG_20151021_194156 IMG_20151022_192747 IMG_20151021_194412 IMG_20151021_194357 IMG_20151021_194326 IMG_20151021_194314 IMG_20151022_192804 IMG_20151022_192835 IMG_20151022_192929 IMG_20151022_192959 IMG_20151022_193057

One of the things I like about her is that she’s obsessed with selfies, thus the photos above. She’s like opening this wonderful world of 20s before my eyes where I realize that I’m still young, can be wild sometimes and free. She woke my alter ego that pushed back my timid self and tucked her in a very far place. Sometimes, my boyfie get jealous of the time I allot for her. But you know, we girls need to stick together!

I know that this is a lengthy post but my excuse is that I had a very long vacay from blogging. Till next time! 🙂

What are you up to? Share them with me! 🙂


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