The Sunday Currently | Vol. 2

My day started early. I woke up at around 6:30 am then ate left over pizza that I brought as pasalubong from S&R. We left for church then dropped my sister for her sikaran practice before we went to the market. So, basically it was a day full of errands. I would not bore you to death with what I did the whole day. Family bonding and played with the dogs.

Here’s my list everyone!



LISTENING to Calla detergent’s theme song


SMELLING my underarm. Yep. Seriously. I’m checking if my deodorant is effective. And the verdict is…EFFECTIVE!


WISHING I would not be stuck in traffic tomorrow morning


HOPING I woke up early AND get ready fast tomorrow


WEARING a soft spaghetti strap dress


LOVING Indian mangoes


WANTING to take a quick shower before I go to bed


NEEDING a foot spa…again

I hope everyone had a funtastic weekend!



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