Friday’s 10 Happy Things | Vol. 2


This week’s Friday’s 10 Happy Things. We should be grateful to even the smallest things that is happening. That is when we would feel contentment and peace of mind. Here’s my list.

  1. Chicken adobo feet. I can save an ample amount of money because all I need is rice every lunch for 3 days! Chicken feet er-day.
  2. My former officemate from the research agency got hired on Tuesday. It was a one-day hiring. She wouldn’t have to worry about being unemployed after her contract expires this Monday.
  3. Chichacorn and Energen for breakfast.
  4. Free lunch thanks to one of my new clingy friends.
  5. image
    Eva (left) and Jen (right)
  6. I collected my reimbursement check. I have waited a month for a couple of bucks but it’s still money so I’m good.
  7. Forehead kisses from Glen before I hop on the bus for work.
  8. Sylvannas. Pasalubong from the Boss.
  9. image

  10. Merienda with these girls
  11. image
    Eva, Jen, Me and Sam
  12. Cheap new flats because my not-so cheap pair already has holes on the sole. With all the raining, my feet will not be protected from being soaked. Ew!
  13. Movie night with my love./li>

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