The Sunday Currently | Vol. 1

I have been to Helga’s site for hours reading this specific series which started by Sidda Thornton. My Sundays are usually my LAZY/REST day which means I just lay in my bed all day except when I have to get up to eat and give my dogs some TLC. I’m a nosy person and I like knowing what other people are doing so maybe they can inspire me to get up from bed and shake some booty (pun is definitely intended).

READING Vanished by Meg Cabot


LISTENING to my sister calling Achee


SMELLING my puppy’s breath hahaha


WISHING I have bought the sandals I saw earlier


HOPING I can finish the book tonight


WEARING a shirt we bought at Regina Rica


LOVING my black fur ball dog


WANTING to eat pizza


NEEDING a new haircut


FEELING a bit bloated


CLICKING my messenger

So what have you been doing? Share them with me! 🙂


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