Changing Careers

This post is in celebration of my 3rd month in my new work.

If you have read my About page, you would know that I am currently working as a full-time Horticulturist. It was a big step for me. I previously worked for a government research agency for two years right after I graduated college and now I’m trying my luck in pursuing a career in a private company. Before changing my career path, I weighed first the pros and cons.


  • Higher compensation (I will not be a hypocrite about this. I need higher income.)
  • Larger connections
  • Learn new things (Like supervise a nursery  *AND nope, not talking about kids.)
  • Gain new experiences
  • Be treated as a professional


  • LDR (But not that very far. Just a two-hour bus ride)
  • New acquaintances (I find it hard to make new friends. Introvert problems)
  • Higher cost of living expenses. The workplace is in the metro so food expenses are much higher.

More PROS than CONS and not that really dreadful consequences.

Now, I’m still adjusting to the workload and managing my expenses. I still have my apartment in Los Baños where I previously worked and I commute everyday from there to Las Piñas (where I currently work). It takes me about 4 hours of transpo everyday. It’s very tiresome and much expensive. There are no karinderya around because the company is located in a highly urbanized area. The cheapest food you could get is from McDonald’s, the rest are high-end restaurants e.g.  Shakey’s Pizza, Racks, Hap Chan, Brasas, etc.

I’m already looking forward to moving to our company’s office. I’m just a transient in my current workplace while I’m still being trained by my immediate supervisor. Once our own office is finished, I can move there and find a place to stay which is closer. Maybe it will be by the end of this week or early next week. I hope it will be sooner because my landlady will make me move-out of my apartment early next week huhuhu.

So what big change did you experience/ decided this year? Share it with me!


4 thoughts on “Changing Careers

  1. Mad Cherry says:

    I haven’t done anything drastic this year, except for putting up a beauty and fashion blog. But then again, it’s not something as life-changing as switching careers. 🙂


  2. Aneth says:

    I just resigned from my work to finally pursue what I want but for the mean time, I’m taking a couple weeks rest before I apply for my dream job. Hope I can make it! Crossing my fingers!!


    1. Alay says:

      Gaaah! I’m so happy for you! I think deciding on what career we choose is a risky decision and you are one brave chick! Good luck on your application ♥


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